Common Questions to help you prepare for the big day

How much time will you spend at our preparations in the morning?

If you are having traditional separate bride and groom preparations, we generally spend one hour with the groom and his groomspeople before heading to the bride’s preparations for one-and-a-half hours. During this time, we will take photos of the groom and his party in their suits, having a fun time getting ready (if you can ensure that they have their suit pants and shirts on when we arrive this will help maximise our time!), followed by makeup and hair touchups at the bride’s preparations, and general family shots, shots of the bridespeople, detail shots of dresses, flowers, shoes etc.

Groom’s Address:
Hello Sweetheart Arrives:
Hello Sweetheart Departs: (1 hour after arrival)
Travel Time:

Bride’s Address:
Hello Sweetheart Arrives:
Hello Sweetheart Departs: (1.5 hours after arrival)
Travel Time:

Ceremony Address:
Start Time:

Will you stay until the end of our reception?

Our packages include all day coverage (with a maximum of 12 hours). At your reception, if you don’t have a special exit planned, after your formalities are completed and we have enough photos and/or footage of guests and dancing we will have everything that we need, and will check-in with you before heading off.

Often, with ceremonies starting from approximately 2:30pm onwards, we can make the day fit into 12 hours of coverage if you would like us to stay until the end of your reception. There are some things that you can do to ensure that the day fits into this timeframe – one is to ensure that there is not a large distance between your preparation locations or large amounts of travel time needed in the day. We are able to shorten the time spent at your preparations if necessary, too – we need a minimum of 40 minutes at the groom’s preparations and one hour at the bride’s.

Mostly, we have taken all the photos needed for beautiful record of your day by around the time your speeches and formalities conclude at your reception (including some fun dancing shots!), so please ensure that when you’re planning the schedule of formalities at your reception you bear in mind our departure time, so there is no disappointment!

Do we need to provide meals for our photographer/videographer?

As per our contract, we require one crew meal at your reception for each of our team members. Venues offer a much less expensive crew meal option than the full dinners you provide for your guests. Apart from this, our team members will provide all their own food and drink for the day.

How much time do we need for location photographs?

Ideally, around 1.5 hours is perfect for location photos if we are going off-site. With this said, we can work with what you give us! We’ve successfully worked with location shoots from 20mins to 2 hours.

It’s important to consider when sunset will be on the day of your wedding. The hour before sunset is what we call the “golden hour” where the light is absolutely perfect for pictures! Unless it is a very cloudy day, we can normally shoot for around half an hour after sunset too in what we call the “blue hour”. If you are having a summer wedding, where the sun is setting a lot later in the day, we may steal you away from the reception around sunset for a few photos outside if it’s possible. When you’re planning photo locations in harsher afternoon light, it’s always a good idea to try to find a location with some shady locations for photos.

How do I choose a good location for my photos?

It’s helpful to think about what type of setting you’d like – bush, beach, water, greenery etc. From there, we recommend that you scout around the general area of your ceremony and/or reception, if possible, to have a look for locations that you like! It’s also useful to google wedding photos in the areas where you are looking, as lots of photographers publish photos and locations which you may be able to use for inspiration.

We are always happy to give our recommendations for your location photos too! To give you a good recommendation, we’ll need to know your ceremony and reception locations and the amount of time you estimate that we may have between leaving the ceremony and arriving at the reception, as well as the type of location you’re after.

How long after our wedding will we receive our photographs and/or video?

We take great pride in our work and spend time perfecting your photographs and creating your film. We have a 4-6 week turnaround on all our projects, so you will receive your photos and/or video within this timeframe. Our videos generally take a little longer, so you will most likely receive your photos and then, a couple of weeks later, your video.

Can I choose my own songs for my video?

We would love you to please choose two songs for your video from this website where we legally license all of our music:

There’s a huge amount of great music available on these websites written by independent artists. If you could please have your two choices to us by your wedding day, this will ensure that we are able to begin work immediately following the big day. Each song needs to be approximately 3-4 minutes in length.

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we are unable to use commercial music in our videos. Don’t stress though! There is a great deal of excellent material to choose from on our licensing websites. We acknowledge that some other videographers may have used commercial music in videos that you’ve seen online, however, the majority of times that this is done, it is done illegally and companies risk being sued by the owner of the music.

When is full payment due?

Full payment of your balance is due two weeks before the big day. You can find your exact due date in your final invoice.