Our name is

hello sweetheart

and we like to party.

We are a small collective of super talented photographers & videographers based in Sydney, Australia. We started attending weddings as professional party guests in 2015 and have since photographed over 400 couples, eaten kilograms of wedding cake and become one of Sydney’s most trusted wedding vendors. We do what we do because we love people and marriage and we believe that we have the best job in the world.

If you’re looking for a moody photographer who takes themselves too seriously you’ve come to the wrong place. This is the biggest party of your life, it’s not a damn funeral. Our down-to-earth couples love our relaxed and fun approach to capturing your day. We’re not afraid to let things unfold naturally but are always ready to step in with some fun direction and a mildly inappropriate joke to get you laughing.

Meet our secret weapon

Meet Mim, Hello Sweetheart’s events and team co-ordinator. We call her our secret weapon because most solo shooters run all their own admin, shoot weddings and edit, which means they let things fall through the cracks. Not on Mim’s watch. Mim is an admin legend and she’s ready to help you organise the perfect day. She’ll answer all your questions, no matter how silly you think they sound, and make sure your Hello  Sweetheart team knows exactly what’s going on so nothing gets missed. Everyone needs a Mim in their life.

Say hello

How are we any different from the billion photographers in Sydney?

We are turning up, no matter what

We are a small collective of super talented photographers & videographers, which means if your photographer can’t make it to your wedding because they lost their legs in a tragic train accident we can fill their shoes in a flash with one of our other team members. All of our team are highly trained, shoot on the same gear and we edit everything in-house so you know what you’re getting.

Take ‘The Great Rescheduling of 2020’ for example – brought to you by Covid-19. Solo photographers had trouble rescheduling because of conflicting dates. On the flip side, we could accommodate everyone because of our awesome team.

We've gone the extra mile for your peace of mind

We have partnered with one of the world’s biggest cloud platforms and pay big bucks to backup all your files to the cloud. It means if there was a massive flood in our office, or we get robbed and all our hard drives are stolen, we can still deliver your wedding without a hitch. Money well spent.

We give you one less thing to worry about

Because our photographers and videographers work with each other week-in week-out, we are on the same page and have no creative differences. This makes for a really enjoyable day.

Often if you have booked two seperate vendors, they each have their own objective. Too many cooks in the kitchen can sometimes be stressful so when you book our combined photo and video package this is one less thing to worry about.

We also give you the extra benefit of not having to juggle two vendors and their schedules. You’re welcome.

We get your photos & video to you sooner

We have a dedicated in-house editing team which means that our editing is awesome and it’s fast. Solo shooters can take 6 months to deliver their weddings because they are so swamped with admin and watching their favourite Netflix series and in some cases they outsource your gallery to below average editors overseas. We get your photos & videos to you in 4-6 weeks and often much sooner.

We're literally making the world a better place

We realise we’ve been really lucky to end up where we are and think it’s good to help others who might need a hand up. Every year we donate a big chunk of our earnings to one of our favourite charities. So when you book us, we’re not just making the world a better place, you are too!